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Balochi Seekh Kabab

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Masala TV recipe of Balochi Seekh Kabab by Zubaida Tariq from Handi . This mouth-watering "Main Course" recipe for Balochi Seekh Kabab can be prepared in 30 minutes and serves 2-4 people.

Recipe Ingredients

  • Beef Mince1 kg
  • Bread slices2-3
  • Raw papaya paste2 tbsp
  • Fresh cream2 tbsp
  • Roasted chick peas2 tbsp
  • Cumin1 tsp
  • Black  cumin1 tsp
  • Small cardamom6
  • Black peppercorn4
  • Cloves4
  • Poppy seeds1tbsp
  • Red chili powder1.2 tbsp
  • Saltto taste
  • Egg1
  • Chopped green chilies4
  • Oilto taste

Recipe Method

  1. Roast 2 tbsp chick peas, 1 tbsp poppy seeds, 1 tsp cumin,1 tsp black cumin, 6 small cardamom, black peppercorn, cloves together and grind them. Chop together, 1 kg beef mince and bread slices. Add in 2 tbsp fresh cream, salt and ½ tbsp red chili powder and mix it. Add in 2 tbsp seekh kabab masala, 1 egg, 2 tbsp papaya paste and 4 chopped green chilies. mix it and keep it for some time. Grease your hand and and make make seekh kabab. Grease the pan and cook it. Simmer it and serve it with parathas.

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