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Indonesian Rice

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Masala TV recipe of Indonesian Rice by Zubaida Tariq from Handi . This mouth-watering "Main Course" recipe for Indonesian Rice can be prepared in 30 minutes and serves 2-4 people.

Recipe Ingredients

2 cup Boiled rice
2 Spring onions
2 Green chilies
1/2 tin Mushrooms
1 tsp Sesame oil
2 tbsp Soya sauce
to taste Salt
Ingredients for sauce
1 Finely sliced capsicum
4 Finely sliced onion
6 Whole red chilies
8 cloves Garlic
3 tbsp Oil

Recipe Method

Slice 2 spring onions, 2 green chilies, 6 whole red peppers and 1/2 tin of mushrooms. Now heat oil in a wok and fry sliced mushrooms, spring onions, green chilies and whole red chilies slightly. Then add 2 cups boiled rice and salt to taste and fry further. To make sauce, heat tbsp oil in a wok and add a finely sliced capsicum, 8 crushed cloves of garlic, red pepper and 4 sliced onions and fry. Grind fried ingredients and mix half of the sauce with rice. Pour the remaining half sauce on top of rice and serve.

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