4 Board Games to Play while you Quarantine with your Family

The millennial generation grew up playing lots and lots of board games!

Somehow, however, board games grew out of trend and we never really looked back.

Remember the times when at a family gathering, the children would grab a corner of a room, make teams, set the rules, and start playing a board game?

If we won the board game, that satisfaction of victory and the pure joy of telling everyone that you won was truly unmatched.

Those were the simpler, happier times till we lost those somewhere down the road. This quarantine period is taking us back to where we started and while we are at it, let’s start playing board games as well. Let all try finding joy in things that summed up a huge part of our childhood.

Here are 5 board games you can play with your family while self-isolating:


This is a forever favorite and can never really go out of trend. Roll the dice, try your luck and you might actually score a 6-6-5. Isn’t that the best moment while playing Ludo with your friends and family?


Test your vocabulary and if you are fond of reading, this game is for you.  Flaunt your grammar skills or try your luck. This game is always fun!


If you know how to play this game, you are a pro at board games. We all dream of building actual houses and buying streets but monopoly might actually give you the feel of it. This game is always a delight to play.


This is a rather technical game. It requires technique, strategy, and great concentration; if you miss out on a single movement your opponent makes in the game, there it is – Checkmate!


This game is a mixture of board games as well as a card game. You can play individually or in pairs; either way, this game the ultimate thriller game. Anyone can win within a turn or you might keep playing it for hours until someone wins.

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