Braided pizza loaf Recipe

Ingredients for filling
Mince bhuna hua     300 gm
Oregano     1 tsp heaped
Capsicum     1 finely chopped
Mushrooms thinly sliced     6
Olives black sliced     6
Sweet corn     3 tbsp
Onion     1 chopped in square cubes
Ingredients for dough
Flour     2 cups
Milk powder     1 tbsp
Instant yeast     1 ½ tsp
Salt     ½ tsp
Sugar     1 tsp
Egg     1
Oil     2 tbsp
Water     for kneading

Method for dough
Mix all together in a bowl, knead with Luke warm water into a soft dough, cover and leave to rise in a warm place until double about 1 hour, prepare mince and filling. Punch down dough, roll into a 15 by 12 inch rectangular, place on a greased baking sheet, spread filling lengthwise down center of rectangular, sprinkle vegetables, oregano and cheese with mince, cut 1 ½ inch strip from both sides, starting at one end fold alternating trips at it angle across filling, brush with beaten egg, bake on 190 degree C for 25 minutes until golden.

Braided pizza loaf Recipe in Urdu and English

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