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Peanut and Sweet Chili Fish By Basim Akhund

Ingredients: for the Dressing Green Chilies              2 pieces Garlic                          ½ clove Salt                              1 pinch Sugar                           1 tsp […]

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Carrot Potato Mashed Burger By Basim Akhund In Flame on Hai

Ingredients: Potatoes                                  2 Carrot                                      1 Cumin Powder                        ¼ tsp Coriander Powder                   ¼ tsp Salt

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Chicken with Peas and Tomatoes By Basim Akhund in Flame on Hai

Ingredients: Chicken                                   500 gm Ginger Garlic Paste                 1 tsp Oil                                           4 tbsp Water                          

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