Chilled Mango Pudding Recipe


Mango purée 2 cups

Sour cream or hung curd 1 cup

Cream cheese 1/4 cup

Almonds 1/4 cup

Walnuts 1/4 cup

Cinnamon powder a pinch

Cocoa powder to sprinkle

Mango cubes to garnish

Crumbed tea-time biscuits few



In a food processor, grind almonds and walnuts together. In a blender, add the mango purée, cinnamon powder, sour cream and cream cheese and blend till everything mixes and becomes light.


Layer the Pudding: Take a dessert bowl or dessert glass. Add 1 tbsp of ground nuts to the base of the bowl. Press it down. Pour 1/2 cup of mango mixture on top of the nuts base. Add few mango cubes. Top the pudding with crumbled cookies, cinnamon powder and cocoa powder.  Chill and serve.



Chilled Mango Pudding Recipe in Urdu and English

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