Coronavirus – What foods you should eat during this crisis

Coronavirus has emerged as a very dangerous disease which has led to the death of thousands of people so far. This virus is rampantly spreading and the situation all across the world is getting worse.

Pakistan is one of the many affected countries but its government, along with its citizens, is trying their best to control the spread of this virus.

What is essential to understand over here is that we should be taking the maximum amount of precautions and social distancing ourselves as much as possible.

There are certain foods that could possibly help in the prevention against Coronavirus if you consume them.

Here is a list of foods that you should be eating to prevent Coronavirus:

Onion and Garlic

It is important to consume onions and garlic at this time. Onions and garlic are a rich source of antioxidants which help in killing the virus and also help in reducing the risk of infections affecting you.


Turmeric is known to have high anti inflammatory properties which is extremely helpful in fighting infections and viruses.

High Protein Foods

Foods that are high in protein such as chicken and lean meats consist of large amounts of zinc which is essential in the production of white blood cells and t-cells. These cells are needed to fight off infections.


Seafoods such as various types of fish, shrimps, crabs and oysters can help you boosting your immune system.

Green Tea

Green tea is a wonderful tea to have at this time. It contains antioxidants and flavonoids which are believed to control the production virus spreading enzymes in body.


Three best vitamins for immunity boosting are:

Vitamin C – This is known to be the best vitamin when it comes to boosting immunity. You should be having more vitamin C rich foods like oranges, lemons, pineapple, kiwis, bell peppers etc.

Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 rich foods are chicken, cold water fish like tuna and salmon, green vegetables and chick peas.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is very important to protect yourself against Coronavirus because of its antioxidant properties. It is found in nuts, seeds and spinach.


Probiotics are not only good for digestion but they also help in maintaining a strong immune system. Probiotics fight with many bacterial and viral infections.
Foods that are rich in Probiotics are yogurt, buttermilk, and pickles.

Here are a few scrumptious recipes to make at home which will boost your immune system:

Orange Salad

This Orange Salad is high in vitamin C with lots of orange chunks. It also has an addition of chicken with it so this will also provide you with the protein your body needs in order to keep the immune system on its toes.

Click on the image for the recipe.

Orange Salad Recipe | Lazzat

Gujarati Dahi Baray

These Gujarati Dahi Baray will help you make a wonderful dish for your family. It is rich in Probiotics which helps your body in fighting against infections better.

Click on the image for the recipe.

Gujarati Dahi Baray Recipe| Mehboob's Kitchen

Barbeque Spicy Chicken Kabab

Barbeque Spicy Chicken Kababs are the best kababs to make these days. You can store them in the freezer so that when anyone in the family wants to have a snack, they can fry these. These are a rich source of protein so it is essential that everyone in the family has these so that everyone’s immune systems are boosted.

Click on the image for the recipe.

Barbeque Spicy Chicken Kabab Recipe | Mehboob's Kitchen

Fish Curry

This Fish curry tastes amazing and its immunity boosting properties will help your family stay protected against Coronavirus. This will also give your family a break from the regular food they have been having. Its tastes delightfully different and will be loved by everyone.

Click on the image for the recipe.

Fish Curry Recipe | Tarka

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