Creamy Carnival Cups Recipe | Shireen Anwar at Masala Mornings

Strawberry Jello                 I packet
Gelatin                         1 ½ tsp
Water                        1 cup
Vanilla Ice-cream                 ½ litre
Cream Cheese                4 tbsp
Fresh Cream (whipped)        4 oz
For Decoration:
Swiss Roll or Plain Cake slices    as required

Dissolve jello and gelatin in one cup water.
Whip ice cream and cream cheese, mix it with gelatin mixture. Mix well.
Pour half of the serving glass with this prepared mixture, keep a slice of Swiss roll or plain cake slice, fill the remaining half with the prepared mixture. Keep the glass in the refrigerator until its slightly frozen. Decorate it with swirls of fresh cream before serving.

Creamy Carnival Cups Recipe in Urdu and English

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