Crispy Chicken Bites Recipe | Quick Recipes

Crispy Chicken Bites | Quick Recipes
Crispy Chicken Bites | Quick Recipes

These Crispy Chicken Bites will take you to the world of excellent taste. Serve these with fries and have take-out dinner experience at home.


  • Flattened chicken breasts            3
  • Salt                                                     ½ tsp
  • Black pepper                                   ½ tsp
  • Oil                                                       1 tbsp
  • Dry flour                                           to coat
  • Egg                                                     1
  • Bread crumbs                                  ½ – 1 cup
  • Sesame seeds                                  2 tbsp
  • Water                                                1 tbsp
  • French fries                                      to serve
  • Fries cut potatoes                          2
  • Oil                                                       for frying
  • Lettuce leaves                                 for garnishing
  • Honey mustard sauce                   to serve


Ingredients for honey mustard sauce:

  • Lemon juice                         2-3 tbsp
  • Mayonnaise                         ½ cup
  • Honey                                    2 tbsp
  • Mustard paste                     ¼ tsp



Method for sauce:

  • Mix altogether with a whisk.



  • Mix sesame seeds with bread crumbs and keep it aside.
  • Marinate chicken with salt, pepper and oil for an hour.
  • Coat it with dry flour, dip in beaten egg then roll in bread crumbs mixed with sesame seeds.
  • Deep fry the chicken on medium flame.
  • Serve with honey mustard sauce and French fries.

Crispy Chicken Bites Recipe in Urdu and English

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