Milk     1 litre

Condensed Milk     ½ tin

Cream   ½ cup

Cocoa Powder    1 tsp

Coffee   3 tsp

Sugar     2 tbsp

Corn Flour     5 tbsp

Shredded Chocolate    1 cup

Cherries        for Garnishing


First boil 1 litre milk. Now add 2 tbsp sugar in it. In a bowl add 3 tsp coffee, 1 tsp cocoa powder and 5 tbsp corn flour and add a bit of milk and dissolve it.

Then put this mixture in the milk and mix it.

Now turn off the stove and put ½ tin condensed milk in it and mix it.

In the end add ½ cup cream and garnish with 1 cup shredded chocolate and cherries .