Fish and Chips Recipe

Fish and Chips


Fish Flay ½ kg
Potato 1 kg
Egg 1
Oil for frying
Water 1 cup
Plain Flour 1 cup
Salt 1 tsp
Black Pepper Powder ¼ tsp
Vinegar 1 tsp
Baking Powder ¼ tsp


Cut fish flay into 8 slices.
Apply vinegar and marinate for 10 minutes
Mix flour, baking powder, salt, pepper, egg and water
In a bowl and make a batter.
Coat fish slices in the batter and deep fry till golden brown.

For Chips:
Cut potato in ¼ inches chips
Soak in chilled water for 40 minutes and strain
Fry in hot oil for 2 minutes and drain on a pepper towel.
Coat fries with ¼ cup corn flour and put them in deep freezer.
Fry the freeze chips in hot oil until golden.

Fish and Chips Recipe in Urdu and English

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