Frozen Mocha Torte Recipe

Oreo cookies crushed 2 cups
Butter 4 ounces
Ingredients for filling 
Cream cheese 8 ounces
Condensed milk 1 can or 14 ounces
Chocolate syrup ½ cup
Coffee 2 tbsp
Water 1 tbsp
Gelatin 2 tbsp
Cream whipped 2 cups


Crush biscuits mixed with butter, press into bottom and sides of a greased 9 inch spring foam pan, in a large bowl, whip cream cheese, condensed milk, chocolate syrup until smooth, add in coffee, mixed with water, dissolve gelatin and whipped cream, pour over crust, freeze till firm, garnish with cream and brown colored mnms.

Frozen Mocha Torte Recipe in Urdu and English

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