Glazed Lemon Fish Recipe | Dawat | Chef Abida Baloch

Glazed Lemon Fish | Dawat | Chef Abida Baloch
Glazed Lemon Fish | Dawat | Chef Abida Baloch

Fish mixed in lemon adds extra flavour and it become extra yummy. Make this at home and surprise your loved ones.

Watch this Masala TV video to learn how to make Glazed Lemon Fish,Lemon Ginger Tea and Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes.This show of Dawat with Chef Abida Baloch aired on 2 December 2019.






  • Fish ½ kg
  • Olive oil 4 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper 1tsp
  • Unsalted butter 3 tbsp
  • Minced garlic 3 cloves
  • Lemon juice & zest of 1 lemon
  • Sliced lemon 1
  • Chicken broth 1 cup
  • Chopped parsley 2 tbsp


Fry fish in oil with salt and black pepper and set aside. In same pan add half butter, garlic, lemon juice & zest and saute them. Now add chicken broth, sliced lemon, salt, black pepper, fish and cook for 7-8 minutes. Then add remaining butter so that it becomes creamy. Add parsley and serve.


  • Grated ginger 1 tsp
  • Sliced lemon 2
  • Hot water 2 cups
  • Honey 2 tsp

Boil ginger and lemon in water for 1-2 minutes. Then add lemon slices, honey and serve hot.

Ingredients for Veggies:

  • Oil 2 tbsp
  • Chopped carrots 2 large
  • Chopped bell pepper 1
  • Chopped zucchini 1 medium
  • Chopped onion 1 medium
  • Salt ¼ tsp
  • Spinach 1cup
  • Black pepper as required

For Tomato Sauce:

  • Tomato paste 1 cup
  • Dried basil 1 tsp
  • Oil 2 tbsp
  • Minced garlic 2 cloves
  • Salt ½ tsp
  • Red chili flakes ¼ tsp
  • Chopped onion 1

Remaining ingredients:

  • Cottage cheese 1 cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper as required
  • Boiled lasagna 1 packet
  • Mozzarella cheese 1 cup


Pre heat oven to 200 C. Saute vegetables with salt and black pepper then add cottage cheese and mix. For sauce saute garlic and onion in oil. Then add tomatoes, spices and saute. For assembling first add tomato sauce in dish then lasagna sheets then vegetables mixture and repeat the process. Then add mozzarella cheese, salt, black pepper and bake. Then serve.

Glazed Lemon Fish Recipe in Urdu and English

At Masala TV you can check complete Glazed Lemon Fish Recipe in Urdu and English. This is one of the best recipes by chef Abida Baloch at Masala TV show Dawat. Check out the other best recipes of chefs Abida Baloch.

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