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Kastoori Handi
Kastoori Handi


Boneless Chicken                               ½ kg 1 inch cube
Crushed Red Pepper                           1 tbsp
Ginger Garlic                                        1 tbsp
Cheese Slices                                       2 to 3
Lemon Juice                                         ¼ cup
Onion                                                    2 chopped
Butter                                                    2 ounce
White Cumin Roasted and Crushed   1 tsp
Oil                                                           ¼ cup
Black Pepper Crushed                        1 tsp
Salt                                                         1 tsp
Roasted Gram Grinded                        2 tbsp
Almonds Grinded                                2 tbsp
Pistachio Grinded                               2 tbsp
White Cumin Seeds Grinded             1 tsp

Marinate chicken with all grinded spices, crushed red pepper, salt, ginger garlic, crushed black pepper, leave it for 30 minutes, heat butter and oil in a handi, add marinated chicken, cover and cook till chicken tender and mixture dry. Add lemon juice, serve garnish with cheese slices in a small handi.

Kastoori Handi Recipe in Urdu and English

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