Keema Matar Pulao Recipe | Chef Zubaida Tariq In Handi

Preparation time
15 mins

Cook Time
45 mins

4 persons


  •  Peas (peel) 2 cups
  • Mince (crushed from hand) 1/2 kg
  • Rice 2-1/2 cups
  • Small cardamom 4
  • Whole black peppercorns 4
  • Cloves 4
  • Lemons 4
  • Onions (fine cut ) 4
  •  Green chillies’ 6
  • Oil 1 cup
  • Yogurt ½ cup
  • Black cumin 1 tsp
  • White cumin 1tsp
  • Ginger, garlic paste 1 tsp
  • Salt to taste
For Making Yakhni:
  • Onion 1
  • Whole garam masala few
  • Ginger 1 small piece
  • Garlic (with out peel) 1 whole bunch
  • Fennel 1tsb
  • Whole coriander 2 tsb
  • Salt to taste


  1. In a wok heat oil fine cut onion fry until golden brown and half onion spread in a paper .half onion add yogurt,salat,ginger garlic paste ,small cardamom,cloves,black peppercorns,peel peas ,mince and green chillies add and well roasted .
  2. Now in a wok add fennel,whole coriander,omnion whole garam masala with out peel garlic ,ginger ,salt and prepare yakni then add in a kema woke .
  3. When yakni boil then mix soaking rice with out water.
  4. After this green chillies ,some salt add and rotate spoon then dish top closed .when water dry then leave on dum .
  5. When steam up then dish out in pulao pot and add fry onion and serve with raita.

Keema Matar Pulao Recipe in Urdu and English

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