Lab-E-Shireen Recipe



Fresh Milk    1 liter

Pineapple          1 tin

Peeled Walnut (Finely Chopped)      1 bowl

Sugar    1 bowl

Finely Chopped Almonds      15

Fresh Cream           2 packets

Strawberry Jelly Powder     1 packet

Boiled Noodles     ½ packet

Vanilla Custard Powder      3 tbsp


Heat water and add 1 packet strawberry jelly powder in it and make jelly and freeze it.

Now in a pan add 1 liter fresh milk and 1 bowl sugar and cook it properly.

Then in cooled milk dissolve 3 tbsp vanilla custard powder and stir it with wooden spoon. When custard becomes thick, and then take it out.

When custard becomes thick then take it out.

Add milk in 2 packet of fresh cream, then add caster sugar and beat it.

In a big bowl add a bit of custard, then add pineapple cubes, jelly, few walnuts and almonds.

Then add few noodles. Now make another layer. In the end garnish with cream, walnuts, almonds, jelly and few pineapples, noodles. Cool it and serve.


Lab-E-Shireen Recipe in Urdu and English

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