MASH KI DAAL KI MITHAI by Shireen Anwar - Masala TV


Published 3 years ago  in Desserts, Shireen Anwar

MASH KI DAAL KI MITHAI is a fun to cook and yum to eat. Chef Shireen Anwar is all set to cook Sweet Dish recipe today at Masala TV live cooking program “Masala Morning”.


  • Maash ki daal ka aata coarse 250 gms
  • Maash ki daal ka aata fine 250 gms
  • Little less than half kg ghee
  • Grinded sugar little less than half kg
  • Almonds and pistachio sliced half cup each
  • Gond 100 gms grinded
  • Gond 100 gms fine


  1. Sieve together both the maash ki daal ka aata. 
  2. Heat ghee and fry the gond and remove. 
  3. In the same ghee fry aata and cook on very low flame on at least half an hour. 
  4. Steer continuously. 
  5. When it starts to change color add grinded gond and fry well. 
  6. Lastly add sugar. 
  7. Mix well. 
  8. Remove in a grease platter and sprinkle with fried gond, almonds and pistachio. 
  9. Leave it over night. 
  10. Cut into pieces and preserve in a box.

Mash ki daal ki mithai is now ready to be enjoyed at special occasions like eid ul fitr, eid ul azha or birthday celebrations. For more special occasion recipes, Ramadan recipes, sweet dishes recipes – Visit Masala TV website.