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Meat – Tips for conservation

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Meat – Tips for conservation
Meat is an extremely rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and high moisture content. These meat characteristics make it a product suitable for the development of micro-organisms, if it is not properly maintained and handled in strict conditions of cleanliness of the place and the handler itself. Good conservation of the meat at home requires rigorous care to avoid changes and contamination. So we should always obey the limits of time and temperature, which are used in various methods of conservation.

For a good conservation of meat, it is necessary to observe certain rules of hygiene:
• Keep the refrigerator clean by washing the inner surfaces often before Eid;
• Cool the meat into portions enough for the intended use avoiding stack or compress them;
• Do not put other foods above or below the container with meat, especially already cooked; remember that meat tend to drip and thus are likely to soil or contaminate other foods or even the refrigerator.
• Store meat in the refrigerator only after clean, without shavings and preferably without fat.

Portion the meat before freezing
Avoid freezing large pieces of meat. Most advisable is to divide the piece into portions, or cut the pieces in sizes that may be suitable for use in day-to-day because large pieces take a long time to freeze, which favors the formation of large ice crystals within tissue. These crystals alter the culinary qualities of the meat, especially the juiciness (amount of juice). Furthermore, this avoids waste as meat, once thawed, it must not be frozen again. Unfrozen meat may return to the freezer as a ready dish, never raw.
• It is not advisable to wash the meat with water before freezing them.
• Meat with bones: If you freeze meat with bones, take care that they do not to stick with packaging.
• Seasoned meats: Avoid freezing already seasoned meats. Seasonings such as onions and garlic change flavors when frozen for a while.
Following these precautions, frozen meat will be valid for up to eight months for meat in pieces; six months for steaks or roasts and three months for ground meat. If the meat remain frozen for long, it will begin to dry up. The drying effect is increased in small chunks, hence the variation in time of validity.