Omelette Waffles Recipe | Quick Recipe

Omelette Waffles | Quick Recipe
Omelette Waffles | Quick Recipe

This delicious recipe of Omelette Waffles will have you making omelets like a pro in no time! Make your breakfast super easy and tasty with this recipe and enjoy your meal to the fullest.



  • Eggs                                                 4-5
  • Milk                                                 2 tbsp
  • Onion chopped                           1
  • Capsicum chopped                     1
  • Tomato chopped                        1
  • Red chili powder                         1tsp
  • Cumin powder                             1tsp
  • Coriander powder                      1tsp
  • turmeric powder                         ¼ tsp
  • Salt                                                   to taste
  • Butter                                              as required

Method :

Break the eggs, add milk, red chilli powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, salt to taste and give it a nice whisk.  Add the onions, tomatoes and capsicum. Preheat the waffle maker. Brush it with butter. Slowly pour the whisked egg mixture into the waffle maker, just enough so that it fills up. Close the waffle maker and let it cook till done and  risen and golden brown. Slowly lift the egg waffles and serve.

Omelette Waffles Recipe in Urdu and English

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