Paprika Chicken on Skewers Recipe | Food Diaries | Zarnak Sidhwa | Continental Food

Paprika Chicken on Skewers | Food Diaries
Paprika Chicken on Skewers | Food Diaries

Paprika chicken on Skewers will tickle your tatse buds. You won’t be able to have just one!

Watch this Masala TV video to learn how to make Paprika chicken on skewers, Smoked Spanish rice Recipes. This show of Flame On Hai with Chef Irfan Wasti aired on 14 January 2020





  • Chicken breasts, cubed ½ kg
  • Capsicums cubed 2
  • Garlic, minced 4 cloves
  • Paprika powder 2tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Black peppercorns ground 1tsp
  • Olive oil as required
  • Wood skewers as required


Method :
In a bowl mix cubed chicken, paprika, garlic, salt , Black peppercorns and 2 tablespoons olive oil. Let marinate covered in fridge few hours. Thread the chicken and capsicum on earlier soaked wooden skewers and cook until done. Turn the skewers and brush with olive oil to evenly cook.


  • Rice 1-1/2 cups
  • Tomatoes chopped 3
  • Onion chopped 1
  • Green capsicum chopped 1
  • Coriander fresh chopped few
  • Corn ¼ cup
  • Green peas ¼ cup
  • Green chilies chopped 2
  • Garlic chopped 2-3 cloves
  • Olive oil 2tbsp
  • Black pepper powder ½ tsp
  • Cheddar cheese, grated ¼ cup
  • Charcoal 1 piece
  • Salt to taste
  • Soy sauce 2tbsp

Method :
Heat olive oil, sauté the onions, garlic, capsicum, green chilies and celery. Add the tomatoes, salt and pepper, cook till the tomatoes have become soft and mushy. Add the rice, corn, peas and water. Bring the rice to a boil. Cover the pan and simmer the rice until all the water is completely absorbed. Once the rice is cooked, turn off the heat and allow the Spanish rice to rest for few minutes. Heat a piece of coal until it becomes red hot. Place it in a foil cup or a piece of bread in the center of the rice dish pour a tbsp of ghee or oil over the hot coal. Cover the pan immediately, to trap the smoke inside the casserole. Once the smoke dies down, remove the cup of coal. Stir the rice well to combine all the flavors and ingredients and serve.

Paprika Chicken on Skewers Recipe in Urdu and English

At Masala TV you can check complete Paprika Chicken on Skewers Recipe in Urdu and English. This is one of the best recipes by chef Zarnak Sidhwa at Masala TV show Food Diaries. Check out the other best recipes of chefs Zarnak Sidhwa.

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