Appetizers and Snacks

Food is all about good taste and attractive presentation. To start your every day meal, you need to have some good starters or appetizers just to increase the urge of your main course. A dish served before a main course is referred to as Starters or Appetizers. The more sophisticated word for it is Entrée which is derived from a French word Entrance that refers to types of dishes. Starters/Appetizers are usually small-sized version of the main course. These are lighter in texture and served in small portion to increase your appetite and. To suppress your hunger for the food it is the best thing before your big meal. The trend of serving Starters/Appetizers is no more limited to fine dining restaurants but has become a common practice at formal or casual meals at home. Usually Starters are served as one dish but it can be extended to multiple dishes depending upon your hunger pangs and love for food. The most common Starters/Appetizers served nowadays are different types of soups, salads, bread bowls, and seafood or chicken wings. There is still a lot of innovation one can do to make the Starters/Appetizers more tempting and presentable. Follow Masala TV for some mouthwatering recipes and tips.