Chaska Pakane ka by Chef Tahir

Masala TV Channel online cooking show Chaska Pakane ka is hosted by Chef and cooking expert Tahir Chaudhary. With his resources trove of cooking facts and proficiency, Chef Tahir is a famous celebrity and greatly appreciated by his viewers. From knife-cutting expertise, to ability mouth-watering sauces and condiments, all the techniques to learning restaurant-grade recipes, and then covering them up to create them give the impression of being good enough to eat, you will gain knowledge of the whole lot you want to be familiar with Chef Tahir Chaudhary.

Everybody is in love with food that goes effortless on your pocket. Learn to control your budgets with Chef Tahir Chaudhry as he educates you how to make a financial plan about friendly family meals which are healthy and great to taste like: Sindhi biryani, Khash khash ka halwa, Mutton kofta curry, Green peas yakhni pulau, Mutton Hyderabadi biryani, Fish and Chips, Classic mayonnaise, Dahi bhalle channa chat, Mix green chutney, Chicken kachori, Banana smoothe, Pakistani roast beef, Oriental beef kabab, Desi pulao, Apple pudding, Aloo bagian, Chili garlic prawns, Chili pesto salad, Paneer paratha, Palak paneer, Badam ka sharbat, Paneer paratha and lots of yummy recipes.

Watch Chaska Pakane ka live every weekend in ‘Cooking on a Budget’ where we cook within an inadequate budget but yet give you the best and most exact mealtime. 

At: 17:00 -18:30 Every: Saturday – Sunday