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Shireen Anwar Cooking Recipes

shireen anwer

Chef Shireen Anwar is a name that needs no introduction. Her marvelous recipes are not only admired and followed in Pakistan but also millions of cooking lovers all over the world. She had a keen interest in cooking from her childhood and this is the passion which has made her so popular. She went to USA after 8 years of her marriage where she learned more about food and cooking and also taught in a food institute in New York. Shireen Anwar’s cooking show “Masala Mornings” is the most popular cooking program aired live on weekdays where she teaches desi, continental, Chinese, Italian, baking and many other mouthwatering cuisines. We have a huge list of Shireen Anwar’s recipes for you to follow and get admired by your cooking in no time.
Start off your mornings with Masala TV’s Masala Mornings featuring cooking expert Shireen Anwar. With over 35 years of professional cooking experience and several cookbooks to her name, Shireen Anwar will help you design a menu that is sure to entice all your friends and family.