Ramadan Special

Ramadan Special Sehri & Iftar Recipes

Ramadan is all about seeking your true faith in Allah and to fast in order to gain spirituality, patience and humility. This holy month of the Islamic year teaches us contentment, love for the poor and above all serving our Lord in all means. It is the most beautiful time of the year where Muslims can rejuvenate their soul, practice selflessness and focus their attention towards God. Ramadan is filled with a lot of happiness and good memories. From dawn to sunset one has to fast so that they can understand the meaning of staying hungry. One can make some mouthwatering dishes to open their fast and to also greet their neighbors and deserving people with these healthy goods. We have gathered some amazing sehri and iftar recipes for you which you can follow to fill your dastarkhawan and table with some mouthwatering and tempting dishes. Make this Ramadan beautiful for yourself and fr the others who deserve your little attention.