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Ingredients :

Rice                to serve
Papad                to serve
Achaar            to serve
Roti                to serve
Lassi                 to serve  
Gujarati Kadhi
Ingredients :
Curd             1 cup
Gram Flour        3-4 tsp
Salt                1 tsp
Green Chilies Chopped        2
Sugar            1tsp
Grated Ginger        1/2 tsp
Clarified Butter         2 tsp
Mustard Seeds        1 tsp
Cumin Seeds            1 tsp
Cloves                3-4
Curry Leaves            6-7
Cinnamon Stick            1

Method :
Beat curd & gramflour, using a whisk so that no lumps remain.  add water  and salt to taste. Put in a pan and let warm gently.  Now add chopped green chillies. When it comes to boil add sugar, grated ginger. Cook till slightly thick. Heat ghee, add in cumin seeds and mustard seeds and cloves, curry leaves and cinnamon stick. Give a tadka.

Thaali Recipe in Urdu and English

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