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7 Tips About How To Stop Nail Biting

Published 3 years ago  in Blogs

We each have a bad habit, something we’ve been doing since as long we can remember, and the idea of quitting it seems incomprehensible. However it’s important to remember that that’s not necessarily true. Quitting a bad habit is a mixture of psychological tricks and practical measures. In today’s article were going to discuss the practical measures on how to quit one of the most common bad habits people have: nail biting.

1.     Identify Triggers:

Try to identify the situation/ environment in which you feel most tempted to bite your nails. Once you’ve done this make a mental note not to bite your nails in these situations, though refraining yourself may be hard at first you’ll soon be able to control yourself with ease.

2.     Try Behavioral Conditioning:

Condition your mind to associate nail biting with a negative sanction so you’re less likely to do it. Try wearing an elastic rubber band around your wrist and snapping it every time you realize you’re bitten or were about to bite your nails.

3.     Keep Nails Short:

In the initial stages of you quitting, keeping short nails would be a good idea. This way whenever you feel tempted to bite your nails, you won’t be able to as there will be nothing to bite, forcing you to live without indulging in the habit.

4.     Invest In Manicures:

This may seem a little costly, but the more money and effort you spend on trying to maintain your nails, the less likely you’d consciously want that hard work to go to waste.

5.     Stay Occupied:

Whether it’s your hands, mouth or mind. Boredom seems to be the main reason that most people bite their nails so try your best to keep your hands busy by writing  or drawing, your mouth busy by chewing gum or mints throughout the day and your mind by trying to focus more on other tasks/ things.

6.     Replace Your Habit:

Quitting a habit entirely can be hard, so try and replace your bad habit with a good one. Whenever you have the urge to bite your nails try doing something else like any form of exercise appropriate to your social situation.

7.     Enlist The Help Of Nail Biting Polish:

This may be the most effective way to kick your habit. Nail biting polish is easily available and many DIY alternatives for it are also present. The idea behind it is it to apply a coat of it on to your nails so that whenever you’re about to bite your mouth is greeted with the bitter taste of the polish in your mouth, forcing you to keep it away.


  • Wear nail polish such as red or bright pink when you get your manicures, so the bite marks are more visible
  • Include more calcium and magnesium in your diet if you want healthier nails.
  • If your nails are damaged file them in an oval shape rather than a square to ensure growth.

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