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What are nutrient-rich foods?

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What are nutrient-rich foods?

Nutrient-rich foods are fruits, some animal proteins that have been shown to have an important combination of nutrients and compounds, which proportionally have more nutrients per ounce than other foods and vegetables. They are fruits and vegetables low in carbohydrates and animal proteins high in good fats, like omega-3 and low in saturated fat.

How do the nutritional dense foods help you in losing weight?

Nutrients rich foods allow you to eat less from the viewpoint of calories while it also helps us feel happy, and full. That is why many dense nutritional foods speed up your metabolism. In fact, some of these foods force us to burn calories to digest them. Protein requires approximately 30 percent expense in calories to digest only. It is known as the specific dynamic action or SDA food. Fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients are also rich in fiber. Fiber helps give us the feeling of satiety or sense of satisfaction. Better yet, fiber helps reduce cholesterol and improve our health gastrointestinal, improve regularity and prevent constipation. The result is that you can eat more, feel full and lose weight.
Many of the foods we eat provide empty calories, defined by simple carbohydrates or calories are calories or fat to provide energy from trans fats and saturated fats (LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol). Food also affect our hormones. Simple sugars like sucrose and fructose compromise our glucose levels and makes us want to eat more. We are spending less calories to digest simple sugars that cause our bodies to store all the excess calories as fat. Complex carbohydrates are less than a burden on our systems with complex sugars that do not induce an increase in glucose levels and lead to diseases such as pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.


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