Barbecue has become the most common food trend in Pakistan over 2 decades. People love to eat barbecued dishes because of being less oily and super tasty. Barbecue is basically a method where the food especially different types of meat in various forms are cooked in open fire outdoors. Open fire could be a barbecue grill, pit or some kind of fireplace. Different people use different techniques to create some scrumptious barbecue. The most common barbecue dishes people like these days are Chicken Tikka, different sorts of Kebabs, Grilled Fish, Barbecue boti, Chops and many more. The meat is first marinated in different spices which is then kept for some time and prepared on the fire grill. Barbeque trend is seemingly not limited to outdoors but ladies nowadays love to prepare at home just by following some super scrumptious recipes from Masala TV. The trick is to heat a coal piece and simmer any of your roasted dishes with it. So no need to worry now as you can enjoy some yummy barbecue sitting at home.