Quick Recipes

Coleslaw Sandwich and Cookie Shake | Quick Recipes

Coleslaw Sandwiches are very easy to prepare and present beautifully while Cookie Shake is a forever favourite that we can […]

Mutton Nargisi Biryani | Quick Recipes | Masala TV

Mutton Nargisi Biryani has a royal touch to it. It has a wonderful aroma that makes it even more delicious […]

Egg and Vegetable Fried Rice | Quick Recipes

Egg and Vegetable Rice are a must have! You can prepare these in less than 15 minutes and achieve the […]

Chicken Boti Masala | Quick Recipes

Chicken Boti Masala will take you by a blow! It is well seasoned, has the perfect texture and tastes delicious. […]

Tikka Fish Fry | Quick Recipes

Seafood and Winters go hand in hand. Keep yourself warm this season with this amazing tasting Tikka Fish Fry Recipe. […]

2 Classic Channa Dishes | Quick Recipes

Chick-peas are readily available at all our homes and it makes incredible tasting dishes. Try making these 2 Classic Channa […]

Beef Qeema Biryani | Quick Recipes

Beef Qeema Biryani is the ultimate Rice dish to have! It has a savoury-spicy taste that has layers of whole […]

Mango Ginger Chutney | Quick Recipes

Mango Ginger Chutney is the blend of mangoes and ginger that makes it taste out of the world. It is […]

Chicken Chili | Quick Recipes

Chicken Chili is the perfect fix for your early-week blues. It tastes incredible and there is no way you should […]

Chapati Rolls | Quick Recipes

These Chapati Rolls are breathtakingly delicious. These are easy to prepare and delicious to have. Try these today!