Quick Recipes

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Here is the perfect BBQ Masala Mix recipe that you can use to season all your favorite grilled meat and […]

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Candy Cupcakes & Biscuits Brownie Wheels will take you by a blow. Fulfill your sweet cravings by tiring out these […]

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White Vegetable Stew is a perfect winter dish that you all must try to curb the cold and enjoy this […]

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Afghani Chicken Kababs are a mood changer. These are juicy, succulent and flavorful. Pair them with Afghani Chutney and you’ll […]

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If you have not tried this Beef Pulao yet, you’re missing out on the most amazing tasting Beef Pulao Recipe. […]

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Our top 2 Sanwiches are Muffin Sandwiches and Chicken Potato Sandwiches. These are breathtakingly delicious and very easy to prepare. […]

Hoagie Burger | Quick Recipe

Hoagie Burger has the well marinated mince patty, with a scrumptious sauce, cheese and vegetables. Give this quick recipe a […]

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Half Chocolate Biscuit Sticks are the perfect match with your evening tea or coffee. What better combination that chocolate covered […]

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