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Cake Recipes:-

If you have a sweet tooth, cake is the first thing which will come to your mind. It’s perfect for any occasion, birthdays, weddings, or any other celebration, people either get it from some bakery, or use their own cake recipe to impress their guests. Cakes can never get outdated, especially for birthdays, the cake cutting tradition is what gives birthday feels, so having the best birthday cake recipe is always essential.

Even if there is no special occasion, cake can lighten up your mood instantly. Mothers can take out their chocolate cake recipes for the cranky children, or just google some easy cake recipes for beginners to keep the children busy and entertained for the day. Especially in the current time when everyone is stuck at home and bored, baking a cake together in the kitchen could be a fun family activity. Best part is, these easy cake recipes for beginners work with very basic ingredients some flour, some sugar, baking powder, few eggs and cocoa powder or vanilla, whichever suits your taste and voila, your batter is ready! Bake it in the oven, and there it is, you can eat your yummy cake. There are so many options available, there are some blueberry or strawberry sponge cake recipes which not only taste great to the mouth but are very easy to make. Once you get hang of it, you can experiment with fancier cakes, google some fluffy vanilla cake recipe, and experiment with that.

It is very common in household to have all the basic ingredients available for baking cakes or brownies because unlike before, now cake isn’t limited to special occasions, people easily bake it whenever they crave it. For people who don’t know how to use an oven, there are some best cake recipes available for microwave, your cake literally gets ready in 5 minutes.

In today’s time period, baking and selling cakes is not limited to fun but it is also becoming one of the most common ways on earning money. There have been so many home-based bakers who have been able to build their own businesses and earn well enough from it. Everyone has their special cake recipe, which they are incorporating into cakes for specific events, for example wedding cakes. And become all these bakers are claiming that they have the best cake recipe, the demand and the competition, both have been increasing a lot. The type of cakes which are mostly in demand are birthday cakes, so having a best birthday cake recipe is also a top priority for these bakers. Lotus cakes are very high in demand these days, and their price in going up too. They are also being preferred as wedding cakes which a great change in trend because instead of going for big three tier cakes, people are focusing more on the flavors and the taste of the cake. But this also means that the bakers need to up their baking game and keep working on making their flavors the best ones if they want to survive in the market.

So a part from the basic ingredients, flour, sugar, butter and eggs, every baker adds their special ingredients to make their cake the best one. But what is more important than the ingredients used is how they bake it, the quantity of ingredients, time they put into it and the love and passion they put into baking, all this together can help in bringing out the best cake.

Cookies Recipes:-

If you have a sweet tooth but you also want to control your sugar intake, cookies will save your day. They are not only great in taste to satisfy your cravings but they are also very filling, one cookie will be enough for you. There are so many cookies recipes available today which are not only yummy in taste but also very easy to make. You can easily choose your favorite cookie recipe according to the type of ingredients you have at home and bake it right away. Even if you don’t have many ingredients, plain cookies recipe can save your day.

There are so many different types of cookies available today out of which the most preferred one by children is chewy chocolate chip cookies recipe. It’s not only because it is gooey and extremely delicious but also because it could be a great snack. They can easily dip it in the milk and eat it, it is a perfect combination with milk, which also makes it a very healthy snack for children. A good chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe will help you achieve that chewy texture you are looking for. A secret ingredient to achieve the chewiness is that extra egg yolk you add to the mixture. It doesn’t only binds the dough together but it also adds extra richness to your cookie. There are some best cookie recipes of all the time available by so many great bakers around the world who can help you make the yummiest cookie.

A part from chocolate chip cookie, a normal chocolate cookies recipe is also a delightful choice for not only kids but also adults. Chocolate cookies recipe is also

If you don’t have restrictions for your sugar intake, a sugar cookie could be a great choice too. They could be a best for your kid’s birthday party. Any great sugar cookies recipe ends with some great toppings for your sugar cookies be it extra sugar or sprinkles, it helps your cookie look extra cute for the kids.

If you are looking for more healthy breakfast options, following a butter cookies recipe could be a great idea. Extra butter is your cookie doesn’t only contain good fat but is also full of protein your body needs.  A good butter cookies recipe helps make cookies which are not only very delightful in taste, they are soft from middle and extremely buttery, and you feel like they are melting in your mouth.