Chef Gulzar Hussain

Chef Gulzar Cooking Recipes


Chef GulzarBirth Date:5th August,  1964

Chef Gulzar is the most interesting chef and cooking expert on Masala TV. His cooking programs doesn’t just present attractive and simple to create Chef Gulzar recipes, but keep the audience attach to his cooking show as his amazing and energetic nature make food preparation thrilling and eye-catching. You can discover Chef Gulzar on stage and dancing in his cooking show and this is the extraordinary ingredient that adds to his success story.

Chef Gulzar receives his specialized trainings from Japan and worked there for about 12 years and got married to a Japanese woman. He also spent years with his children in Thailand and got proficiency in Thai food also. He finally established in Karachi, Pakistan and opens a Thai restaurant and started his TV profession with his Morning show with a famous TV channel Masala TV and till date he has worked for almost all the well-known cooking channels in Pakistan. Chef Gulzar’s recipes are prominent all over Pakistan and he is appreciated by millions of food lovers.