Lively Weekends

Lively Weekends is presented by Chef and cooking expert Munawar Latif and Kiran Khan. 

Watch out Kiran on Lively Weekends as Kiran khan and Chef Munawar Latif carry the live and mostly pleasurable cuisine program to your TV screen. Lively Weekends is a show with a welcoming and warm feeling.

It shows how easy to get ready mealtime Pakistani recipes like: Paratha roll and spicy fish, Nargisi kofta & fruit delight, Sheer khurma & seekh kabab with mini sticks, Sweet potato salad & gazpacho, Dhaba chicken karahi, Halwa & classy lemonade, Achari biryani & green velvet jewel cake, English breakfast, French toast, Hot chocolate & cheesy scramble, Noodle bake & coffee frosted brownies, Dal makai kay pakoray & kairi cooler, Orange cheese cake, Henny penny chicken & French fries, Jalebi, Fried spicy beef boti, Beef shashlik and many more make sure that you cook the easiest and yummy meal for your entire family, making your weekends hassle free. So get prepared to create your weekends lovely and full of excitement only with Lively Weekends online show at Masala TV Channel.

At: 11:00-12:30 Every: Saturday – Sunday