Tarka by Cooking Expert Rida Aftab

Masala TV Channel online cooking shows Tarka hosted by chef and cooking specialist Rida Aftab. Tarka gets you on a trip from chutneys to the fusion of eastern and western cuisines. Our desi cooking queen Rida Aftab infuses simple to learn and graceful to use ingredients and renovate each day mealtime into Pakistani recipes like: Fruit salad, Mango desserts, Chicken fingers, Chocolate drinks, Bake brownies, Makhni karahi, Smoked macaroni, Yogurt fruit drink, Peanut kabab, Beef rice with vegetables, Achari imli mirch, Kali mirch raita, Fried potatoes with yogurt, Prawn with soya ginger sauce, Chicken makhni pizza, Chili chicken bhindi, Reshmi murgh kabab, Bhopali achar gosht, Murgh lasani, Lagani karelay and many more with a wealthy pleasing taste.

So get ready to watch and spice up your life and experience classic desi and fusion cooking with chef Rida Aftab only on the Tarka by Masala TV At : 15:00 -16:00 Every :  Monday – Friday