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Turkish Kebabs

Turkish kebabs Marinating IngredientsBeef minced 1/2kgBread slice 1Salt 1-1/2tspRed chili powder 1tspGreen chilies 2Chopped Onions 1Chopped garlic 2-3Coriander bunchOil 2tbspLemon […]

Kolapuri Chicken

Kolapuri chicken IngredientsChicken ½ kgYogurt 4 tbspChili powder 1-1/2tspTurmeric powder 1/4tspGinger paste 1/2tbspGarlic paste 2tbspMustard seeds ¼ tspTomatoes 1Oil ½ […]

Khayshki sawiyyan by Tahir Chaudary

Khayshki sawiyyan: Ingredients: 250 grm roasted vermicelli (roughly broken)3/4 cup sugar3-4 green cardamom1/4 cup ghee1cup water2tbsp Almond and pistachio (crushed) […]

Dal Mix Pakora by Tahir Chaudary

dal mix pakoraIngredients: 1/2 cup split wash moong dal 1/2 cup basin1 cup potatoes peeled and shredded2 tablespoon finely chopped […]

Chicken Curry Recipe by Tahir Chaudary

Chicken Curry Ingredients 1 kg Chicken with bone 1 cup finely chopped onion 1 cup roughly chopped onion 1 cup […]

Chili Rice by Tahir Chaudary

2 tablespoons oil 2 large onions,1/4 taara garam masala 1/2 tsp salt 2 cup rice sliced almond 2 tbsp chopped […]

Papri Salad by Tahir Chaudhary

Papri Salad Ingredients:Crisp Papri 8 Potatoes (Thinly sliced, boiled) 2Onion (Finely chopped) 1Green Chutney ½ cup Tamarind Chutney ½ cup […]

Dill Pulao by Tahir Chaudhary

Dill PulaoIngredients:Oil 2 tbsp Onions 2Taara Garam Masala ¼ tspSalt ½ tspRice 2 cupsAlmond (Sliced) To garnishFresh Dill (Chopped) 2 […]

Fish Malai Kofta by Tahir Chaudhary

Fish Malai Kofta Ingredients:Fish (Boiled) 400 gOnion (Chopped) 1 Green Chilies (Finely chopped) 2 Garlic Paste 1 tspGinger Paste 1 […]

Cheese Breadsticks Recipe by Tahir Chaudhary

Cheese Breadsticks Ingredients Dry Yeast 1 pkt Sugar 1 tsp Flour 500g Oil 1 tbsp, extra for oiling Salt 1 […]