Lose 7 kilograms in 7 days

Cucumbers are an essential food to any healthy diet. Not only are cucumbers nutritional, but they are also great for making you feel full, since they are a vegetable, and are thus full of dietary fibers.

Eating cucumbers every week is also great for cleaning your gastrointestinal tract, and they can stimulate your metabolism.

This diet claims to help you lose 7 kgs in 7 days. The tagline it goes around with is this as well ‘7 days for 7 kilograms’.

What is the cucumber diet?

The cucumber diet is a short-term weight loss diet. Most versions of the diet claim that following it for 7 to 14 days can lead to a 15-pound (7-kg) weight loss.

The diet consists mainly of cucumbers, along with a few protein-rich foods, such as eggs, chicken, fish, and nuts.

It recommends replacing most foods with cucumbers, meaning even other fruits and vegetables should be kept to a minimum.

For breakfast in this diet you need to combine one plate of cucumber salad, together with 2 to 3 hardboiled eggs.

For snacking while on the cucumber diet, you can have 5 plums, 1 big apple or 1 peach.

The lunch is supposed to be severely lacking in calories, but that’s so you can lose weight in a faster. For making a tasty lunch, you can combine one slice of wheat bread with a bowl of cucumber salad. The cucumber salad is basically a single large piece of cucumber, cut up into small slices. You can add olive oil, salt and pepper to the salad.

For dinner again you can have a bowl of cucumber. You can add in herbs and yogurt to give it a little more taste. Or you can replace dinner with a cucumber smoothie.

This diet is very simple to follow and the calorie deficit will help you lose a considerable amount of weight. This diet is very good if you are trying to lose weight for an upcoming event or to just fit in to you old jeans.

However, what should be noted is that this diet should only be continued for two weeks at maximum or else it will not just create a calorie deficit but also a nutritional deficiency which is obviously not good for a healthy life.

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