4 Habits to take on from Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is reaching its due end and it surely has taught us a lot!

Ramadan is the month where Muslims built a stronger connection with Allah by bringing changes in how they conduct themselves in their daily lives. Muslims try being on their best behavior; making charities, celebrating the Muslim brotherhood, performing prayers, and forming better habits in life.

Ramadan is the month where we are consciously aware of whatever we are doing. We can’t possibly blame Satan for our wrongdoings which is why we consciously try to become better Muslims and humans as well.

This month gives us a chance to repent to Allah and ponder over our conduct in our regular lives. This month gives us the perfect opportunity to make amends and progress towards good habits to live better lives.

We often give our best during this month and go back to our regular lives once Ramadan ends. However, what should be done is that the amends we have tried making during this month should become a part of our lives so that we lead better lives.

Here are 4 Habits you can take on from Ramadan for the rest of the year as well:

Maintain the habit of praying

Praying Salah is the second pillar of Islam and Islam teaches that there is no forgiveness for missed Salahs. Ramadan helps Muslims develop the habit of praying five times a day which can easily be continued for the rest of the year as well. If you have regularly prayed Salah this month then try maintaining Salah for life now.

Charitable acts

Muslims are extra generous with their charities during the month of Ramadan for two main reasons. Firstly, Allah promises 70 times more reward for every good deed and we try to give our best. The second reason is that the entire concept of fasting revolves stepping into the shes of those fellows who starve out of hunger because they do not have enough to provide for themselves.

If you have given out charities this month, you should start allotting a certain percentage of your income for charity, so that your charities keep changing the life of your poor brothers and sisters all around the year.

Helping around the house

Ramadan is the month where everyone tries to be more considerate towards the other. Every member of the family tries to help in the kitchen; some try to do the dishes, while others help in cooking and some help with cleaning. This spirit of helping around the house should continue all year round so that one or two members of the family are not overburdened while others rest.

Eating together

During Ramadan, Muslims tend to gather around the dining table to break the fast or during the time of Suhoor. This month encourages all members of the family to sit together for meals which could be done every day in our lives too. Eating together builds a stronger bond among the family members.

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