4 Healthy Yet Delicious Dishes Recipe

When you hear about fried food first thing which clicks your mind is ‘unhealthy food’ which is then followed by thoughts of ‘fattening food’. While a lot of friend food on daily intake can actually lead to weight gain and unhealthy situations, but we still have not been able to cut them off from our lives. So wouldn’t it be better if we could actually switch to eating healthy fried dishes rather than the unhealthy ones? Here are some great fried yet healthy food options:

Fish Fry 

Fish is a great source of protein, so fried fish could be a great and a healthy option for your diet. There is a two step marination process, first you marinate the fish so that it can absorb all seasoning and once that’s done second marination step is to add crisp and crust to the fish! When you fry it you don’t end up losing all seasoning this way and can easily enjoy its juicy taste.

Beef Burger Patty

If you are on a healthy diet burgers is a big no but eating beef patty is actually super healthy and a great source of carbs and proteins. So Beef Burger Patty Recipe needs super basic ingredients for first marinating the beef and then making some spicy and delicious sauces to eat it with.

Pizza Fries

Well sadly not all fried items can be healthy but to deal with those uncontrollable cravings having it once a month or a week is not a bad option at all. Pizza fries are actually super delicious and they can fulfil your cravings for a long time. To follow a Pizza fries Recipe, you need potatoes obviously but you can convert it into a healthy dish by adding some extra protein to it.

Chicken Chili Dry

Some of delicious gravies are actually fried like chicken chili dry but they are also some great source of deliciousness, protein and some rich flavors.

4 Healthy Yet Delicious Dishes Recipe in Urdu and English

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