Curried Chicken Thighs By Basim Akhund in Flame On Hai

Preparation time
25 mins

Cook Time
15 mins

4 persons


  • Chicken Thighs                       500 gm
  • Cooking Oil                             5 tbsp
  • Mushrooms (Chopped)           ½ cup
  • Garlic                                      1 clove
  • Ginger                                                 1 tsp
  • Curry Powder                          3 tsp
  • Salt                                          to taste
  • Cinnamon (Ground)                ¼ tsp
  • Chicken Cube                          half
  • Water                                      ¾ cup
  • Apple                                       1
  • Cream                                                 ½ cup
  • Milk                                         ½ cup
  • Flour                                        1 tbsp
  • Cooked Rice                            2 cups


  1. Wash chicken and dry with paper towels.
  2. In a hot pan add 4 tablespoons of oil and cook chicken until light brown for about 10 min. Remove chicken into another plate.
  3. In the same pan add 1 tablespoons of oil and add the ginger and garlic first.
  4. After 15 seconds add the remaining vegetables and cook until tender.
  5. Then add all the spices to the mix which are curry powder, cinnamon, salt.
  6. Then in a glass of warm water dissolve the chicken cube and add to the `pan with the apple. Then add the chicken to the pan and then cover and cook for 15 min or until tender.
  7. Then take the food out of the pan. Mix the half and half cream and milk and flour and add to the pan to mix it with the remaining juices. Cook until the cream is thick.