Exploring 6 Myths about Coronavirus

Coronavirus has been making news for quite some time now and it has undoubtedly left the world in a state of confusion. There are new researches related to it coming out every single day; discoveries, new methods of how to deal with it, new forms of possible medications and much more.

Nevertheless, these researches and reports are helping the world understand this virus and what could be done to get the situation under control. 

Social media is helping not just in networking and staying connected to the world in this time of social distancing, but also in the spreading of news. While staying connected to the wider world is great, a pitfall of this is that personal opinions of individuals and random fake stance on the situation are also making rounds creating havoc. 

Reading and listening to information has been helping us to cope with these circumstances better. We need to be all-ears and mind to it but what is also extremely important is that we should be understanding the difference between which news we should be believing and what are the myths that are surfacing around.

Let’s find out if the information we know is a myth or not:

Spraying a chlorine mixture or alcohol on skin and clothes kills viruses in the body

These products are being used to kill the virus from tangible surfaces. Moreover, it can be harmful for the skin as well. More importantly, it will definitely not kill the virus inside the body.

Only the elderly or children are at risk

Indeed, oftentimes the elderly and children do not have immune systems too strong so they are at greater risk. Likewise, people who are already suffering from a disease would have weaker immune systems. 

That being said, middle-aged people are just as like to catch the virus if they do not take precautions. 

Coronavirus is almost like the regular flu

The symptoms of flu include cough, sneezing, body aches and fever but Coronavirus has particularly dry cough, body rashes and breathing problems. 

This virus attacks the lungs directly so it can be fatal.  

 Antibiotics kill Coronavirus

As the name suggests, anti-biotic only kills bacteria. COVID-19 is a virus so the anti-biotic do not affect it.

 Coronavirus began because had bat soup

Some researchers do suggest that this virus came from animals; there is no evidence proving it came from the bat soup.

The virus will subside when temperatures get warmer

Other viruses like cold and flu are indeed more common in the winters than in the summers; however, this virus is so new that this myth is yet to be found out when the temperatures start to rise soon.

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