‘World Tea Day’ is internationally celebrated and here’s why! Recipe

15th December is the day when tea lovers around the world, including Pakistan, celebrate World Tea Day, keeping in view its growing importance worldwide, it has been named a full-day tea on the calendar.

Initially, tea was used as a diet, some people used the plant as a vegetable. In some traditions it is found to be used in combination with wheat grains, an accident occurred 1500 years ago. The invention introduced tea as tea. After a number of stages over time, tea has become a regular form of culture that is practiced today and in our various countries.

Some health experts consider tea to be negative for the human body and some positive. Some experts say that tea protects humans from heart diseases, that the caffeine and other ingredients in tea speed blood circulation and prevent it from freezing.

In Pakistan, Tea is not just a word, it’s a feeling! Whether you’re tired or sleepy, happy or sad, Tea; better known as ‘Chai’ is a must! It has become a part of our culture. Not subject to the use of tea in winter, however. The cold weather brings with it many diseases, including colds, coughs, and fever, so the whole season stays in place. In this way, useful teas are successful in giving the body warmth and energy.

Here are our most favorite teas to have this season:

Ginger Tea

The inclusion of ginger in tea increases its efficacy several times. Ginger tea is beneficial in relieving colds, coughing and throat inflammation. Ginger tea improves digestion and also improves blood flow. Start the day in winter with a cup of ginger tea to enjoy the season while avoiding illnesses.

Mint Tea

Mint tea is also good for health. Daily one cup of mint tea in the morning is enough for all-day refreshments. Mint tea is very beneficial for health. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Mint tea also helps fight seasonal illnesses. Mint tea is also good for relieving headaches.

Tumeric Tea

Turmeric is used for medical treatment and for this purpose it is made part of the diet in different ways. Drinking turmeric tea daily can prevent many ailments. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric tea improves the immune system and digestive tract. In addition, turmeric is also useful for ‘heart and cancer patients.

Green Tea

Green tea is considered to be very useful for weight loss. Green tea has an antioxidant feature and green tea is also known as a healthy beverage. It also has the ability to fight seasonal diseases. By drinking only one cup of green tea a day you can also eliminate your cold.

Try out these amazing teas and enjoy!

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‘World Tea Day’ is internationally celebrated and here’s why! Recipe in Urdu and English

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