Gluten free Banana Bread Recipe

Preparation time
20 mins

Cook Time
35 mins

4 persons


  • Gluten free flour250gm
  • Baking powder   1tbsp
  • Salt                      ½ tsp
  • Sugar                   125gm
  • Brown sugar        125gm
  • Walnut chopped 75gm
  • Egg                       5
  • Coconut milk      75ml
  • Bananas mashed 150gm
  • Vanilla essence   1tsp
  • Butter                  300gm
  • Baking temperature 180deg
  • Time                              35min


  1. In a bowl add butter , sugar ,brown sugar and beat well.
  2. Now add eggs one by one and beat.
  3. Now add coconut milk , vanilla essence and bananas mix well.
  4. Now in separate bowl add all ingredients.
  5. Now pour in cake tin bake on 180 deg for 35 min.
  6. Now remove from tin , cool , lastly slice and serve.

Gluten free Banana Bread Recipe in Urdu and English

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