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Lively weekends always bring you unique and different dishes every week. This week was no different when this special recipe of Murgh Nawabi was made. whole Chicken prepared and served with special rice, try this recipe out and let us know what you think!

Watch this Masala TV video to learn how to make Murgh Nawabi,Sweet Chilli Fish ,Golden Froth Drink and Double ka Meetha Recipes. This show of Lively Weekend with Host Kiran Khan aired on 16 November 2019.





  • Whole chicken 1
  • Oil ½ cup
  • Salt 1tbsp
  • Yogurt 150 gm
  • Dry fenugreek a pinch
  • Red chili powder 1 tbsp
  • Cayenne pepper ½ tbsp
  • Coriander powder 1 tbsp
  • Cumin powder 1 tbsp
  • Turmeric 1 tsp
  • Hot spices 1 tbsp
  • Screw pine essence 1 tsp
  • Saffron essence ½ tsp
  • Vinegar 3 tbsp
  • Yellow color ½ tsp
  • Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp

Ingredients for Rice:

  • Rice boiled 300 gm
  • Onion sliced 150gm
  • Tomatoes sliced 150gm
  • Brown onion 150gm
  • Green chilies sliced 5-6
  • Coriander chopped 1 bunch
  • Bay leaves 2
  • Star anise 2
  • Clove whole ½ tsp
  • Cinnamon sticks 1
  • Cumin seeds ½ tsp
  • Green cardamom 2
  • Black cardamom 2
  • Ginger garlic paste 2 tbsp
  • Salt as per taste
  • Crushed red chili 1 tsp
  • Coriander powder 1 tsp
  • Cumin powder 1tsp
  • Turmeric ½ tsp
  • Cayenne pepper 1 tsp
  • Oil ½ cup
  • Roasted almond for garnish
  • Boil eggs for garnish


mix all the ingredients in yogurt and marinate chicken for 2-3 hours or overnight and then bake it for 1 hour on 220c in oven.


Rice Method:
Preheat oil then fry onion and whole spices then add all spices and tomatoes green chills all ingredients and cook well for 10 min then set aside… Then set boil rice layer then add gravy then add brown onion coriander screw pine essence and simmer it for 15 min then serve it with boil eggs and bake chicken and roasted almonds.


  • Fish cubes 250 gm
  • Flour ½ cup
  • Corn flour ¼ cup
  • Egg half
  • Water as need
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt as per taste



  • Oil 1tbsp
  • Ginger garlic 1tbsp
  • Ketchup ½ cup
  • Chili sauce ¼ cup
  • Sugar 1tsp
  • Soya sauce ½ tbsp
  • Apple cider 1tsp
  • Water as need
  • Salt as per taste
  • Black pepper as per taste

mix all ingredients and marinate on fish for 20 min then fry it and set aside.


preheat oil in pan then add ginger garlic and fry it then add all ingredients and mix well then add fry fish and dish out..


Golden Froth Drink Ingredients:

  • Soft drink 300ml
  • Lemon juice 1 tbsp
  • Vanilla ice cream 2tbsp
  • Orange for garnish


Double ka Meetha Ingredients:

  • Fried bread sliced 5-6
  • Sugar 8 tbsp
  • Water 200ml
  • Almonds for garnish
  • Pistachios for garnish
  • Silver wrap for garnish
  • Whole dried milk 100gm
  • Milk 300ml
  • Screw pine essence few drops
  • Cardamoms as required


Golden Froth Drink  Method:

Mix all ingredients in blender and blend it well


Double ka Meetha Method:

first of all make syrup add water and sugar, cardamoms and cook it till then thickness foam then add fried bread slice.
Then make milk gravy, add milk in pan and add whole dried milk cardamoms, screw pine essence and cook it for 5-8mins.then pour it on bread sliced and garnish with almonds and pistachios.

Murgh Nawabi Recipe in Urdu and English

At Masala TV you can check complete Murgh Nawabi Recipe in Urdu and English. This is one of the best recipes by chef at Masala TV show Lively Weekend. Check out the other best recipes of chefs .

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