Tom Yam Soup Recipe

Tom Yam Soup
Tom Yam Soup


Boneless Chicken 300 grams

Lemon leaves 3

Lemon Grass 3

Boranga 1

Mushroom  1 cup

Tom yum Paste  2 tbsp

Tomatoes 2

Onion 1

Green Chilies 8-10

Fish Sauce 3 tbsp

Chinese Salt 1 tsp

Lemon Juice 3 tbsp

Chicken Cube 2-3

Salt to taste

Fresh Coriander For Garnishing



Take a cooking pan add as required water 2-3 chicken cubes , 300 grams of chicken slices, 1 boranga, 3 lemon grasses, 3 lemon leaves, and 8-10 green chilies boil and cook the mixture for half an hour. Now add 1 cup of mushroom 2 tbsp of tom yam paste, 2 tomatoes, 1 onion, 8-10 green chilies , 3 tbsp of fish sauce, 1 tsp of Chinese salt, chopped coriander as required and add a pinch of salt, cook for 8-10 minutes. When the sauce is thicken dish out the serving bowl garnish with chopped coriander and lemon juice and serve it hot.

Tom Yam Soup Recipe in Urdu and English

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