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Torai aur Aalu Sabzi | Tarka | Chef Rida Aftab

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Torai Aalu Ki Sabzi is a delicious side dish recipe made under half an hour with fresh ridge gourds, potatoes and tomatoes.

Watch this Masala TV video to learn how to make Torai Aalu Ki Sabzi and Chicken cheesy pizza Recipes. This show of Tarka with Chef Rida Aftab aired on 17 September 2019.






  • Potatoes ½ kg
  • Ridge gourd ½ kg
  • Tomatoes 250gm
  • Red pepper crushed 2tsp
  • Turmeric 1tsp
  • Salt 1tsp
  • Garlic chopped 1tbsp
  • All spice ½ tsp
  • Green chilies chopped 4
  • Cumin 1tbsp
  • Oil ½ cup


Cut Ridge gourd and potatoes .now in a pan add Ridge and potatoes with 2 cup water bring it to boil cover and cook .when it tender add tomatoes , turmeric , salt and red pepper crushed when water dries add green chilies , coriander and all spice and cook . now in a pan heat oil fry garlic and cumin temper it on Ridge and potatoes and serve .


  • Chicken fries 1packet
  • Pizza dough 250gm
  • Mozzarella cheese 1cup
  • Cheddar cheese 1cup
  • Pizza sauce 1cup
  • Olive 10
  • Capsicum 2tbsp
  • Sriracha Sauce 2tbsp
  • Salt 1tsp
  • Black pepper 1tsp
  • Red pepper crushed ½ tsp
  • Onion 1


Roll the pizza dough bake on 180 deg for 30 min and remove, now add the pizza sauce on dough then add mozzarella , Sriracha Sauce, cheddar cheese, capsicum , onion , chicken fries , salt , red pepper , black pepper , and olives , lastly bake 10 min and serve.