4 Comfort Foods You Can Easily Make At Home

Comfort food feels like they reach the soul before the stomach!

Comfort food is food that gives you consolation or the feeling of well-being when you have it. It is food that gives you a homely feeling and pleasantly changes your mood. These are foods that remind you of home or your childhood.

Comfort foods usually have higher calories, higher amount of carbohydrates and higher amount fats.

If you have had a long tiring day, this is all you need have to fix your mood.

Here are 4 easy comfort foods you can make at home:


Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is the perfect fix all our downs. Be it the approaching of your exams, stress at work or personal issues; you can always relay on this one. The cheese pull in every bite is what we live for. It is so easy to ace Mac and Cheese at home because of its very basic recipe that requires three to four ingredients.



Pizza is that one dish we can never seem to get enough of. Surprisingly, you can have pizza for any meal of the day. Isn’t pizza the amalgamation of all our favorite ingredients? There is dough, marinara sauce, your favorite kind of cheese with toppings of vegetables and your choice of meat. This one always makes us all feel better about any situation in life. These are the easiest to make and you can add all the ingredients as you please.



Cookies are truly a delight in every bite. The perfect combination of sugar, butter, eggs, flour and chocolate chunks is all we need to look beyond the worries life throws at us. All these ingredients are readily available at your home and you can make these any time you want.


Cream soup

Cream soup definitely make you feel like the world is a better place. You realize this with every bite you take because who could possibly say no to cream soup that tastes like pure delight.

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