5 Quick Breakfast Options

The busy world we live in, we are always looking for quick easy options so that we save up some time. It is like we are always in rush of getting things done, be it in a rush to reach work, rush to get back home, rush to do anything at all. All this leads to us focusing on ourselves specifically our diet very less. We end up eating easy processed foods which are extremely unhealthy for us rather than focusing on a good healthy diet!

Here are some quick easy breakfast options for you to incorporate in your daily routine because breakfast is really important to start your day.

Black Coffee

A good source of caffeine is crucial to help us get energized for our day ahead. There are some great coffee recipes available everywhere. Best part about black coffee is its health benefits, it is a great option for your liver, it boosts your metabolism, actually makes you smarter because it is a psychoactive stimulant and so much more!


An easy and quick breakfast option could be pancakes! There are so many easy recipes pancakes available over the internet, all you have to do is follow the basic steps. Along with it being easy, it is actually filling, will keep you full till the lunch time so that you stay focused on your work.

Garlic Bread

Bread of any kind could be a great source of carbohydrates which gives you energy to function and stay active. Garlic bread is loved by almost everyone, best part is, it is actually very quick and easy to make! All you need is 3 minutes, heat some garlic, butter and oil together, and toast some bread, brush the garlic mixture on the bread and bake it for a while! And your garlic bread will be ready!

Chicken Bread

You can also try making Chicken bread, there are some great chicken bread recipes available. All you need is to prepare your dough, and make some great chicken filling depending on your taste, mix the two and bake it away! It is a great breakfast option.


Finally an easy and most loved breakfast option is waffles. Waffles recipes are so basic, all you need is a waffle maker, make your crispy waffle, add your fruits to it, and you will be ready to enjoy a yummy breakfast

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