Celebrating Quarantine Eid to the Fullest

In Pakistan, Eids are perhaps the biggest festival of the year. This time of the year, people fly from around the world to celebrate Eid and its festivities with their families. We buy new clothes, jewellery, shoes, and accessories. Women dress up in traditional ensembles with Jhumkas and Bangles as accessories, while the men dress up in graceful Shalwar Kameez.

Eid in Pakistan is all about food, festivity, and celebration with your loved ones!

This year, however, the COVID19 pandemic has left the world in a strange situation. The lockdown all over the country and the extreme emphasis on social distancing to control the spread of this pandemic is the reason that Eid in Pakistan will not be the same this year.

We certainly couldn’t indulge in the pre-Eid festivities like going out to get Henna applied to our palm or going to a salon to get our hair and nails done. Just as we spent Ramadan with our immediate families inside our homes, Eid is no different than that.

Some of us might have ordered their Eid clothes and accessories online, while others might be getting dressed in clothes that they love but aren’t necessarily new.

Yes, Eid-ul-Fitr 2020 is different but here are some things you can do at home during this quarantine Eid:

Dress up and take pictures

This is the first and foremost thing to do. Eid is all about dressing up, taking great pictures, and posting them online. This year it should be done just like you have done it in previous years. Flaunt your dress and how perfect you look this Eid shamelessly because you deserve it!

Video call your loved ones

Social distance is the way to go this year but that certainly does not mean that you can’t celebrate Eid with your loved ones this year. Set a time and video call all your friends and family so that it feels more like Eid. Arrange Zoom calls so that your loved ones from all around the world can have the same Eid sort of feeling. These virtual Eid gatherings will make this Eid a lot more fun.

Play board games online

Ask yours and family to download the same board games and play those online. We all play games with our cousins and friends on Eid so why not this time too? Thanks to the advances in technology that we can feel like we are spending time with the people who matter to us.

Make your family a proper dinner

We know that you cannot host a huge family dinner this time but you can cook all those dishes in smaller quantities and serve it to the members of your house. Set up the dining table like you would for a formal Eid dinner, feast on a lavish dinner and spend an evening worth remembering!

Send Eidi online

Eid-ul-Fitr is also known as the Eidi wali Eid in Pakistan. Eidi should not be missed out this year. Children wait for this Eid for an entire year which is why you should send Eidi for the kids through online transfers because what is Eid without Eidi?

Send good food to your house-help’s home

You can’t host an extravagant dinner this year but you can cook those amazing dishes and send that food to your house-help’s place so that those who help us can also enjoy the kind of food that everyone deserves on Eid.

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