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Gajar ki qalaqand

Published 5 years ago  in Chefs, Shireen Anwar

Khoya     ½ kg
Carrots     750 gm peeled and grated
Sugar     ½ kg or 2 cups
Ghee     ½ cup
Orange color     pinch
Green cardamom grinded     1 tsp
Almonds and pistachio sliced     3 tbsp
Silver waraq     as required
Peel and grate carrots, blanched in half cup water, add orange color till carrots just soft for 5minutes, remove in a strainer, in a pan add half cup ghee, add blanched carrots, fry for 5 minutes add half kg sugar and fry well for 10 minutes on medium heat till syrup slightly thick and nearly dries. Add ½ kg Khoya, keep frying add green cardamom powder, fry well till it leaves the sides of the pan and comes in the center, add almonds and pistachio, remove in a greased platter, top with some more almonds and pistachios, leave to set until firm.