Nauratan Sawaiyan Recipe | Quick Recipe

Nauratan Sawaiyan | Quick Recipe
Nauratan Sawaiyan | Quick Recipe

Here is the simplest recipe of Nauratan Sawaiyan, a classic Pakistani dessert that complements all the desi dishes!





  • Multi coedVermicelli 1 packet
  • Yellow Food Color ½ tsp
  • tutti frutti 1 cup
  • Chum chum mithai 1 cup
  • Dried milk 1 cup
  • Sugar 1½ cup
  • Clarified butter 1 cup
  • Milk ½ liter
  • Almonds as per taste
  • Pistachios as per taste
  • Silver Leaves as per taste
  • Cardamom ½ tsp
  • Cardamom powder ½ tsp
  • Water as per need


•  In a pan, heat clarified butter, add vermicelli and fry well.
•  Add some water to it and let it cook.
•  Now add milk, yellow food color, cardamom and cook on low flame.
•  When dries milk, add sugar till cook water dries.
•  Now add khoya, pistachios and almonds.
•  After this, add now take it out in a dish.
•  Add tutti frutti, chumchum, silver leaves, dried milk and more dry fruit on top.

Nauratan Sawaiyan Recipe in Urdu and English

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