Masala Mornings




Monday - Friday

About Masala Mornings

Masala TV show Masala Mornings features cooking expert Shireen Anwar.

Cooking: Impossible? Masala Mornings will make it much more than possible. Join our cooking expert Shireen Anwer who has 25 years of professional cooking experience and two cook books to her name as she serves up solutions for easy to prepare fantastic tasting
menus. Every day in Masala Mornings, is going to be a unique day, making your table menu the best among the rest. Monday would be dedicated for Chicken & sea food, Tuesday for beef & mutton, Wednesday for vegetables, Thursday for Health Calorie and Friday for drink, desserts & starters. With all this, Masala Morning will be complimented with another 20 minutes segment of Quick & Easy Meals.

Recipes from Masala Mornings

Espicada Chicken Espicada Chicken
30 Minutes 2-3 People Main Course
Khandviyan Khandviyan
30 Minutes 2-3 People Main Course
French Dressing French Dressing
30 Minutes 1-2 People Side Dishes
Noodles Salad Noodles Salad
30 Minutes 1-2 People Appetizers
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